Responsible Driving Over the Holiday Season

Holidays are a time when many people travel to see family and friends throughout the country. Depending on the distance, some will take a plane and some will drive. If you are driving, take care to arrive safely and drive responsibly while you are out and about this season. Traffic violations increase over the holidays due to people being in a hurry, which results in speeding. People can be more distracted by mobile devices or conversation and that results in reckless or careless driving or accidents. Some people will have a few drinks, lose the benefit of good judgment and get behind the wheel and drive (DUI). Many otherwise very good drivers will find themselves in trouble due to traffic violations, driving under the influence or leaving the scene of an accident.

The best advice is to plan ahead and designate a driver, turn off you mobile phone when driving and call a cab if you are impaired. People do not plan to be irresponsible, but sometimes are when they have been at a party or are in a rush. If you should be pulled over for a violation or DUI, you will want to hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer to help you either get fines and penalties reduced or get them dismissed altogether. Traffic violations can lead to a suspended license, an increase in insurance rates and very heavy fines. It is well worth it for you to fight a violation rather than just paying the fine. There are many issues involved in an arrest that may not have been conducted properly. A lawyer, such as Robert F. Rider, can determine if there was probable cause for the stop. He can find out if the equipment used, a radar gun or a breath tester for example, was in proper working order at the time of the stop or the arrest.


A PLC., can also help you get a restricted license that would allow you to drive to work, school or to take care of your kids. If you are a good driver and the current violation was your first offense, a restricted license is a real possibility. If you live out of state, a lawyer can fight the case for you so you would not have to be there in person. They can represent you in the event of DUI, driving in excess of 80 mph., leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and many others.